The pattern I love most: STRIPES

Horizontal, vertical or criss-cross apple sauce, I could paint the town in stripes.

So I did – but it wasn’t the town I painted, it was the off-white mat of my bronze frames.

First I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts and scooped up the acrylic satin paints by the one hit wonder, Martha Stewart. After selecting the shades: Chipotle, Deep Sea, and Seaweed, I was ready to begin my project.

Next, I used frog tape from the Home Depot – or as I like to call it, HoDo [Hoe-Dough] to section off a corner to corner stripe. Painting on the Deep Sea navy blue, letting it dry and following with the Chipotle – I was almost satisfied. The stripe was fantastic! However, the mat appeared too clean. I went back to Michael’s and picked up a white satin paint to dry brush over the white mat. Giving the effect of an organic “found” look. I repeated the same steps for the other frame except this time, using the paint Seaweed and Deep Sea.

After all was done and said, the new layer made quite the impact!

P.S. ignore the smoke detector coming out of the sconce. That is what you get when you live in a 1920’s building with 10in. plaster walls.

Pretty perfect if I do say so myself.