January in Los Angeles means a few things:

  1. It’s 72 degrees out.
  2. It’s time to layer up
  3. Brace yourself – It’s sweater weather.

Keeping it casual while in the ‘crisp’ air in the latest collection from Robert Barakett. My new FAVORITE t-shirt is this crewneck in the color, pimento. Ironic? I think not. Everyone knows I love a dirty martini with extra olives. I’m basically wearing a Happy Hour – right?

To top it off – and I mean that quite literally. I threw on this knit cardigan by RB. It is cut with all the details of your best blazer. Layering the two together creates my effortless yet sophisticated look.

My shoe game is this pair of cap toes from Two Boot New York. I was thinking to wear a sneaker, which would also look great, but…my inner East coast prep stepped out and the cap took the cake.

Enjoy this ‘sweater weather!’ 😉