Those of you who know me understand that:

A) I love fashion.

B) I love Paris.

C)I have never been to Paris…until NOW.

Please hold your gasps until you see the incredible pictures of me living like a Frenchie.

You know in life when you buy the perfect jacket, shoes or right pair of Band of Outsiders chinos from Nordstrom? And then yo go into what can only be described as, “Hoarding Mode” awaiting the perfect time to wear them? Well today was that day. Paired with my Maison KitsunĂ© Polo and APC Paris 87 sweatshirt for the chill on Air France.

On my journey abroad, the first stop will be Paris. Followed closely by London, then back to the sheer suggestion of reality that is, Los Angeles. Aka, home!

Au Revoir!!