Dolce & Gabbana The One Grey

This season the famed fashion house of Dolce & Gabbana asked me to present the latest fragrance from their iconic line, The One. The premier of 'The One Grey' is anything but a 'grey area.' To the contrary this men's cologne is as distinctive as the fashion house that created it. Intense, a surprising fusion of opposites, grounding aromatic card[...]

(Pool) Shark Week

It's that time of year again - No, not Christmas... Shark Week. Seven fear stricken days staring the large blood thirsty thrashers of our coastal waters, known as sharks. Or even worse; a tornado + Tara Reid + sharks = a dismal made-for-tv movie that will leave you asking, 'WHY?' I have a hard time with forced festive celebrations, so this year I am [...]

Lazy Daze of Summer

The days are growing shorter - which means it's time to get back to the grind. Reprising one of my favorite roles; the professor. This time I am wearing micro cords in mint, a tan blazer with crest appliqué, and the ultimate pair of tree climbing shoes come in the form of brown leather cap toes from Christian Louboutin. Class is in session. TS [...]


Palm Springs is one of my all time favorite places to visit. The drive from Los Angeles into the desert oasis is just what you would expect - traffic, desert, traffic, more desert and just then; hundreds of windmills. I pulled off a dirt road to get up close and personal with these massive energy conductors to capture these desert portraits. I love the j[...]


With the heat of Wimbledon on my heels, I felt inspired to hit the courts in my tidy attire by Lacoste. This polo was from their anniversary collection and was limited. Lucky you, I linked one that is very close to mine - here!
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