Palm Springs is one of my all time favorite places to visit. The drive from Los Angeles into the desert oasis is just what you would expect - traffic, desert, traffic, more desert and just then; hundreds of windmills. I pulled off a dirt road to get up close and personal with these massive energy conductors to capture these desert portraits. I love the j[...]


With the heat of Wimbledon on my heels, I felt inspired to hit the courts in my tidy attire by Lacoste. This polo was from their anniversary collection and was limited. Lucky you, I linked one that is very close to mine - here!


After teaching all my classes, a tall glass of wine was in order. Psych - I obviously am not a professor. However, I am a wino. Some even say I have my Masters on the subject. Today it's a pinot noir aptly titled, 'Eternally Silenced" from The Prisoner Wine Co. Flavors of Pine needles, cranberry, dark cherry, cedar, clove, brown spice. Very soft, re[...]


'Life is a game, play it.' - Mother Teresa I know this set of the kings army is not what M.T. had in mind when she spoke the words above. However, this larger than life chess board located on the rooftop deck at the Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel; adds a tongue-in-cheek moment that shows us Mother Teresa was right. I am wearing my can[...]

The Art of Shaving

Art is created with all mediums. It was only a matter of time until shaving became one of them. The Art of Shaving creates a streamlined approach to men's skincare. From moisturizer to beard lube, Art of Shaving has now added fragrance to their repertoire. The latest from their line up is, Bergamot Neroli. I love this scent with his bright notes of nero[...]
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