One main focus of mine this year was to incorporate jewelry to my everyday style. I Was inspired by Jay from The Great Gatsby. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, Jay wears a ring on his little finger, which has a daisy engraved on it. Obviously a tribute to his loving obsession over Daisy Buchanan. This sparked with me... Given the fact that I don't have a [...]


Sponsored by Zappos. Today I am wearing the latest from Dockers® shoes via Zappos. Where black knit and nubuck suede comes together top a clean white sole. Mixing that all together, these shoes have the perfect polished look with extreme comfort.  Bringing out the shoes tan leather trim from with my camel coat to create[...]


Some people see the leaves change color, others feel the air turn crisp. That’s right guys - it's Fall! My favorite way of knowing that it’s time to switch my iced coffee to a hot brew is that I get to wear dress boots with suits. Today I’m wearing my new favorite shoes from Bostonian’s Made in the USA collection, which officially relaunched earlier th[...]


Monday is typically the least favorite day. Now that I have a personal barista by Orenda in my corner, hopping out of bed has never been easier. I love when my kitchen smells like a boutique coffee shop. Orenda creates just that. This bad boy grinds beans for each cup, and brews in a touch of a button - or from my Orenda app! Once the beans are grou[...]


Summer means one thing. Swim your heart out. Whether it is a pool, beach or hotel. Swimwear is the 'plus one' everyone has with them. During my last staycation at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, I had several 'plus ones' with me ;) Vilebrequin delivers incredible swimwear and more. From the pool to the cabana and out to drinks with friends - t[...]
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Strapping STRIPES

The pattern I love most: STRIPES Horizontal, vertical or criss-cross apple sauce, I could paint the town in stripes. So I did - but it was...