Bocas Del Toro, Panama

The Red Frog Tree Resort in Bocas Del Toro, Panama could be described as the most enchanting experience. This was my first visit to Central America and it will not be the last! I was the guest of Modeliste Magazine. During this trip I would join several other influencers to see all the city has to offer - and create content that only Bocas Del Toro can [...]

Vitamin C your skin change

You can have it all in California. The sea, the mountains, the desert; the sun damage. My latest 'can't live without' is the latest from Dermalogica - BioLumin-C Serum. A high-performance Vitamin C serum that works with skin’s own defenses to brighten and firm. Advanced bio-technology fuses ultra-stable Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, helping to d[...]

Prep in my step

It is no surprise that I love all things preppy and pop culture. When the two worlds collide I become overcome with excitement. My look today was inspired by one of the ultimate prep bad ass - Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. This scarf is not the exact one that CB wears, but in my opinion, Brooks Brothers design is a bit more refined and sharp. Paired with[...]


Moments after a 22 hour flight (!) I was stepping off and/or dragging my gelatinized body from seat row to seat row until successfully exciting the metal tube adorned with wings. He finally arrived in Singapore! Also, what would soon bear the nickname: SINGA-DINGA!!! Joining me on this adventure was Taye Hansberry of along with the one an[...]

go native!

The first thing I put on after my shower also happens to be the LAST thing I want to put on. Any idea on what it is?… That's right, deodorant. Do I want to smell great? YES. Do I want to feel confident as I go from meetings to a shoot and then an event? YES.  Do I want to rub Aluminum, Parabens and other chemicals in my pits? NO. I have tried abo[...]