I love a good cocktail.

Everyone knows that. 😉

Today I tried the latest from Nosotros Tequila.

What makes a good cocktail great? Well, besides the belief of sustainable farming of rich blue agave collected from the highlands and the lowlands. The 60 hour brick oven cooking and 72 hour natural fermentation followed by double alembic distillation – integrity. Beyond great taste, Nosotros Tequila has great heart.

Nosotros donates 1% of every bottle to the organization Waves of Water.

“Founded by Jon Rose in 2009 as a way for travelers do what they love and help along the way, Waves For Water launched with a our Courier Program — a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) distribution network of travelers who carry water filters with them in their luggage, eliminating the distribution challenges faced by philanthropic aid programs. Since then, the Waves For Water programing has touched over 7 million people in more than 27 countries, including Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Brazil, Liberia, Mexico, India, and Colombia. The organization was also the first non-profit to team up with a U.S. Military battalion, in an active war zone, to help people in need along the Kunar River in Afghanistan.”

Put all of this together and you get one kick ass tequila. I created my own cocktail using Nosotros Tequila and have included the recipe below. This combination of fresh lime, cucumber and cilantro topped off with sparkling water is perfect for Spring! Let me know what you think. 🙂


1 1/2 oz Nosotros Tequila Blanco

1/2 oz Grand Marnier

1/2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

Cilantro stems, Cucumber slices + Lime wedges to garnish

High ball glasses and crushed ice

Directions: Fill the high ball with ice, once cilantro stem and a few pieces of cucumber.

Stir the dry ingredients together so the ice muddles the cilantro and cucumber.

Add in Nosotros Tequila Blanco – stir. Follow that by the Grand Marnier and fresh lime juice. Stir like your life depends on it.

Top off with Perrier sparkling water and enjoy!