The Red Frog Tree Resort in Bocas Del Toro, Panama could be described as the most enchanting experience. This was my first visit to Central America and it will not be the last!

I was the guest of Modeliste Magazine. During this trip I would join several other influencers to see all the city has to offer – and create content that only Bocas Del Toro can offer.

We left LAX to PAC, from there we took a one hour flight aboard Air Panama (a small prop plane) to Bocas Town. Next we load our luggage into a shallow boat and cruise out to sea for thirty minutes. Crisp sea air rushed over me as the captain navigated our clan through the clear, shallow waters of the Chiriqui Lagoon to Isla Bastimentos.

As we pull up to the dock, we are greeted with bright smiles and open arms from the hotel staff. Everyone at the resort understands what a trek it is to visit one of the corners of the earth. The hospitality and kindness everyone put forward was nothing short of genuine.

For the next week we would be immersed in the tropics. Walking around there are sloths in the canopies above, while below foot red sparks dart from leaf to leaf. It is no wonder this resort is called the ‘Red Frog Beach.’

Warm waters are perfect for scuba diving and dolphin spotting. Lobster is served with nearly every meal and the white sandy beaches will have you asking yourself wether to sleep outside or in your private house.