It’s a warm day in Spring.

Having a casual drink with your friends.

“I’am so bored inside…” they say. “Let’s sit out by the fountain.”

An innocent suggestion – until the devil inside Daisy (two glasses of champagne) fills her head with the glorious idea to push me in…well, the joke is on her. That was refreshing af. 😉

Oh how I wish that story could be true. I was definitely alive during the 20’s in my past life and I miss it. Fortunately for me, there are captivating places that can take me back to that life at a moments notice.

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego is basically a time machine. From the moment I pull into the gates and up to the valet, I have the feeling of being at an estate rather than a hotel. The pale rose hue of the mansion is calming and regal. Marble lobby filled with fresh florals that you can smell from outside, guide you to fascinating fabrics that cover floor to ceiling windows overlooking the expansive property. Instantly immersed in a Scott F. Fitzgerald novel.

I am excited to be here for the next few days and share more photos and experiences with you guys!