Surrounded in style.

You know when you plan your vacation and everything is beautiful? From the great location to a perfect hotel, fantastic breakfasts and well styled outfits. You become so calculated with every detail.
Living in California I am very lucky to be able to take a ‘stay-cation’ and end up in nearly every corner of the world without leaving the state. My all time favorite place to visit is France. The details in architecture, beauty in the landscape and energy of the city or sea.
This weekend I packed up and went to San Diego to the Fairmont Grand Del Mar. This estate-like hotel reminds me of being in Antibes, France. From the costal stripe awnings to the lush landscape and scent of the ocean drifting in on a breeze.
When I can’t make it to one of my favorites spots, Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, I can slip into my car and take a seaside cruise to the Grand Del Mar. My french riviera is just an hour and a half away!
Being a type A personality and a meticulous packer, I need it all from my luggage – style, function, organization and most important, confidence. With my Ricardo Beverly Hills Arris collection, I have everything I need and more! I have the 20in. carry on and the 24in. spinner luggage, right amount of space for any getaway.
The streamlined hardbody of this elegant travel piece comes in a rich black or this striking navy blue. Not only is navy one of my favorite colors, I like it because it really stands out when I travel and need to pick up my luggage from the carousals. Not to mention I usually wear white when I travel, and lets just face it – navy + white is more timeless than peanut butter + jelly.
Looking forward to my next adventure! Who knows where life will take you.