The Chateau is BY FAR my favorite place in LA. I capitalize “by far” because everyone over uses “favorite” and I simply will not be one of them.

 You think to yourself, “Hmm, I would love a hand crafted cocktail with: blanco tequila, ancho chile liqueur, lime juice, and agave.” Right? Right.

Then you desire to be dining in the same restaurant as Christian Louboutin, Justin Theroux and Leo DiCaprio. Right? Right!

After that thought jets through your mind, you lust after a setting where James Dean allegedly broke through a window in an attempt to audition for Rebel Without a Cause. Where Director Nicolas Ray was living and having a steamy affair with the underaged Natalie Wood. Right? RIGHT!

Chateau Marmont is just an incredible place where anything goes. Except for Lindsay Lohan – who was banned after not paying a bill for around 50k.

 Clad in a navy plaid dinner jacket by Tommy Hilfiger, matching bow tie and cummerbund by the same name, and vintage anchor cufflinks. I set out to find trouble. Just what kind of trouble? That is between me, the Chateau and…