He can’t see it in my face, but I am about to play my Ace…Hotel that is.

It’s the desert. Sun, sand and skin. Thats that you would expect right? Wrong. You have about sixteen decisions to make while here.

Hotel vs House? Leisure vs Sport? Drive vs Fly? Friends vs Lovers? Scenic vs Scene?

I know the above is only ten…but please don’t make me get into the sub categories of Palm Springs.

That’s why you visit my blog! For me to tell you the answers…

Well, some of you come to tell me what I am doing wrong and how many ways I can make my life better using your advice – which I appreciate!… However today I am telling you that if you stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, you may not have to answer to so many people during your visit to the desert. After all, Desert is a Dessert without the fat. Right?

This trip to PS I was with the vitamin brand BEAR journal. An incredible multi that can create a euphoric state with one pill. I love an essential Multi Vitamin and BEAR brings out everything you could need. For me, it it a lot of B vitamins. I need that energy, stability and focus.

Shacking up at the utilitarian chic hotel, The Ace, was a desert experience that was delicious as dessert.

The rooms felt like safari tents. The pool – an oasis. The ground beneath your feet was an art installation all its own. And I had a key to it all.

The cherry on top was a trip to Frank Sinatra’s house for an irreverent dip in the pool after a candlelit dinner.

All in all, the Ace is..well, THE Ace of the desert.

I can’t wait to visit again. And again.