Putting the 'Scott' in Scottsdale

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite new resorts! Promptly called The Scott, in Scottsdale, Arizona. I mean, where else would you put a resort with that name..? No where. After landing in the desert of Phoenix, I took a car to the impressive gates of The Scott. Each side of the 13ft tall towers had massive cauldrons lit w[...]

Change up your Cycle

Sport and Style. My shoes from Zappos.com create just that. The line Cycleur De Luxe offers all I need to  my fantastic pair of brogues. Embossed leathers, rubber soles, rich textures...they all come together to all create a trilogy that is Cycleur De Luxe footwear. I love that I can wear these from day to night. Sport with function. All the necessi[...]


We have been invaded. By New Zealand. In the best way possible. One of my favorite Men's Shops is now open in LA! Perfectly placed in the beautiful new Century City Westfield Mall you will find the handsome new Rodd & Gunn boutique. Clad with brass fixtures and detailing surrounding an emerald fitting room that made me ghasp - makes this shop alone[...]


This week I checked into the Parker Palm Springs. One of the most beautiful oasis's that I have seen. Nestled in the heart of Palm Springs, this treasure trove a hidden trails, labyrinth gardens and jewel pools would have been the vocal stomping ground of Frank Sinatra along side of Bing Crosby and Sammy Davis Jr. as they crooned to Marilyn Monroe and Car[...]


May Grey is what they say. I know that in LA the chances of a torrential downpour are somewhat slim to none...But that does't mean you can at least look the part. Right? I spent this morning at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, walking the grounds and enjoying the morning dew. I recently picked up this trench from Banana Republic. The color is comp[...]
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Strapping STRIPES

The pattern I love most: STRIPES Horizontal, vertical or criss-cross apple sauce, I could paint the town in stripes. So I did - but it was...