Lifting my look this Spring in the latest collection, CREPETRAY by ECCO shoes. These new blues are made of rich velvety nubuck leather with a modernized crepesole that is more comfortable than being barefoot! I love a good monochrome look so pairing these kicks back to my daily denim, lightweight sweater and my classic school boy blazer is the perfect fee[...]


Surrounded in style. You know when you plan your vacation and everything is beautiful? From the great location to a perfect hotel, fantastic breakfasts and well styled outfits. You become so calculated with every detail. Living in California I am very lucky to be able to take a 'stay-cation' and end up in nearly every corner of the world without leav[...]


Waking up in the morning, you have a few choices to make. Who do you want to be? How do you want to act? What will your story be? Today I am feeling a bit 60's...I don't know if it was my drinks from the bar last night - one too many Old Fashion's or my urge to dip into some color. But the point is, I went for it. Starting another beautiful morning [...]


It's a warm day in Spring. Having a casual drink with your friends. "I'am so bored inside..." they say. "Let's sit out by the fountain." An innocent suggestion - until the devil inside Daisy (two glasses of champagne) fills her head with the glorious idea to push me in...well, the joke is on her. That was refreshing af. ;) Oh how I wish that stor[...]


New York Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine. This February my dream was more than reality. It was a typical Tuesday in January. Coffee at the local spot. Diligently sporting my bed head thrown in a beanie, cozy hoodie, grey sweats and socks with my adidas slides. Going through email after email and scrolling on that IG feed. ;) One standout e[...]
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Strapping STRIPES

The pattern I love most: STRIPES Horizontal, vertical or criss-cross apple sauce, I could paint the town in stripes. So I did - but it was...