‘Hello’ is the most fashionable phrase to say with the latest gizmo from Nest. Ringing the door is obsolete. With Nest Hello we get to see the person and welcome them into our homes in the best way. For the first time, you get to check your phone and see who you are greeting. Incredible! Doesn’t everyone deserves a proper Hello!?

The Nest Hello Doorbell has given me a piece of mind that I never knew I needed. Real time updates delivered from motion sensors to facial recognition of my guests – I am in the know, with Hello!

With Nest Hello I never miss a moment. As soon as the postman opens the gate to my courtyard, I can watch as he sets down the boxes and walks out.

As a blogger I receive between 20-30 boxes a week! Keeping an eye on my deliveries is not always easy. Being out and about shooting content or visiting events, I have a peace of mind knowing that I am always connected via the Nest app.

One of my favorite features of the Nest Hello Doorbell, is the facial recognition. When a friend or family member of mine walks up to the door, I get a notification from my Nest app letting me know ‘Ashley is at the door’ just like that I am relieved I don’t have to rinse my face mask off before letting her in.

To the same effect, Nest Hello will let me know when there is an ‘unrecognized’ face that has been detected. I can then swipe up and communicate with the unexpected visitor even if I am not home. By me saying a simple ‘Hello!’ they know they are being watched.

My Nest Hello Doorbell has streamlined my life in a way I never knew that I needed! Peace of mind, all the time!