Sponsored by Zappos.

Today I am wearing the latest from Dockers® shoes via Zappos. Where black knit and nubuck suede comes together top a clean white sole. Mixing that all together, these shoes have the perfect polished look with extreme comfort. 

Bringing out the shoes tan leather trim from with my camel coat to create a monochrome look that is clean and fresh. I know it’s not spring yet..but a guy can dream right? Luckily in Los Angeles I can still wear these with my no-show socks year round. 

What I really like is that this style from Dockers®  shoes comes in a few different colors. From Olive, Black, Tan, Navy and more you can really switch up your style and keep all of the comfort! Any of these and more will come right to your front door when you use Zappos.com! I love the service and quality of deliveries that only Zappos.com can serve. Let me know what color you gents get and how you style your look with Dockers®.