Let me just beat you to the punch…’I have ARRIVED.’

Not only is ARRIVE one of my favorite properties in Palm Springs, it is one of the most beautiful.

From the coffee shop to the bar, this property has it all. Baby blue bikes that keep it moving and hand crafted cocktails that keep you grooving.

When you see the sign, ‘YOU HAVE ARRIVED’ literally – you HAVE.

There is no front desk. No formalities. Noting cliche about this one. Instead, you are treated like family… Go ahead, pull up – walk to the bar and receive a cocktail. Enjoy your drink as you sit and sip while the ‘front desk’ shares the hotel details with you. Such as: Room service, bike loans (yes! bike loans) pool hours, and my favorite part – restaurants.

There are a couple places to dine here at ARRIVE. First and foremost is breakfast + brunch from Reservoir. Being from LA I had to order the Avocado Toast and one of my favorite dishes…Shakshuka! A skillet with tomato sauce, basil and fried eggs. Served with toasted bread. It. Is. Heaven.

Take a dip in the pool for a touch of paradise.

Request the bikes for a spin around the neighborhood.

Nap HARD in the lux linens. Wake up at your own risk…because for me that means eating agin!

This time at Sandfish. Sushi and delightful dishes prepared by Engin Onural. The chef’s attention to detail makes me as a Virgo feel depleted of my own attention to the small things. From his thin cuts of sushi to hand trimmed octopus has made this Scandinavian themed restaurant my new ‘go-to’ when I visit the desert.

Sleep then Repeat. This time I am eating at the Draughtsman. An on property restaurant that is a renderer of elevated pub fare, an extensive draught beer list, hand-crafted cocktails, and laid-back fun – all in a space that pays homage to palm springs’ rich architectural history. 

Steak Frits and delicious bone marrow…? Let’s just say I can not wait to ARRIVE again!

Hope to see you there soon,