One main focus of mine this year was to incorporate jewelry to my everyday style. I Was inspired by Jay from The Great Gatsby. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, Jay wears a ring on his little finger, which has a daisy engraved on it. Obviously a tribute to his loving obsession over Daisy Buchanan. This sparked with me…

Given the fact that I don’t have a long lost lover that lives across the bay from me, or even the street for that matter, a ring with a flower engraved on it doesn’t quite resinate with me. However, I am sure of one thing – that my initials will always mean something to me. My TS signet ring is sterling silver from Miansai. It is my favorite piece of jewelry that I own. Mine only has two letters because Ty IS my middle name. Actually, it is Tyler. You see my first name is Lyman and I happen to be the 5th! That’s right, I am Lyman Tyler Severe. My father and grandfather are also named Lyman but both go by their middle names as well. Confusing I know. Try growing up with explaining that to EVERYONE. I love the heritage of my name and just like a name, I’d love to pass this ring to my lil Lyman (who does’t exist yet.)

Along with the signet on my pointer, I wear a 1.5mm clean silver ring on my little finger from Miansai. Because it needs to be small to fit I dipped into the…get ready for it… Women’s section of the website! Think outside the box when creating your own look.

The time piece that I have been wearing lately is my Movado Series 800. I love, LOVE the way this timepiece feels on my wrist. It has a great weight to it that just feels like it can withstand anything. The emerald green hue is handsome and unique. This guy never goes unnoticed.

I almost never take my Gucci necklace off. Classic logo done in a hand carved baroque sterling silver, this was the first piece of jewelry that I bought. It has a certain spirit that I haven’t found anywhere else.

The other necklace shown here is a tongue-n-cheek look at LA. As you may have guessed, this piece is meticulously designed by Michael Saiger of Miansai. The beauty of this necklace is that it is completely unique to the Miansai boutique in Venice, California. It is created by rolling a penny through a large crank wheel press either from an actual penny or a silver disk. I have one of each and they read, “Heads or Tails” along with my personal favorite, “Sunny Place, Shady People.” Both punched to sit on a 24″ silver chain and provoke conversation and maybe controversy.

So far I love my collection of finds. Let me know what you guys think and what your go-to favorites are!