You know that feeling when you get up, put on a suit an finish tying your tie – then think to yourself, lets see how many people make the correlation between Ty and tie.

Well, that is in fact my life. From the barista at Starbucks, to shopping at the Grove. Any one who encounters me…

“Hi can I get your name please…?”

Er, yes…”It’s Ty…”

“OMG! No way, Ty in a TIE!”

“Err…yeah…thats me…” I say with a slight grin through clenched teeth.

I try every time to act as if this “joke” is brand new to my ears. If I had a dollar, no – a nickel for the times I have heard this…I would be living next door to the Beckham’s.

None the less, I love the sharp look of a suit and tie. Nothing dignifies a man more. This is the easiest way to impress anyone. Have you noticed? Put a suit on and suddelny your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, co-workers, checker at the market…all are more than impressed with “Mr. Dressed up!” When in fact you could be in a simple grey suit with blue check running through it. Worn over a vintage denim shirt and knit polka dot knit tie. In the most casual of styles.

The suit and tie are all most a power. Be disheveled and under groomed, then throw on a suit and tie..bam! You are this man about town.

Wrapped up in a total package from Tommy Hilfiger, I can face anything the world has to throw my way.

Which is why, I will always tolerate “Ty in a tie.”



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