The first thing I put on after my shower also happens to be the LAST thing I want to put on. Any idea on what it is?… That’s right, deodorant.

Do I want to smell great? YES. Do I want to feel confident as I go from meetings to a shoot and then an event? YES.  Do I want to rub Aluminum, Parabens and other chemicals in my pits? NO.

I have tried about a half dozen deodorants claiming they are free of all metals and parabens. And guess what? They do not work. It’s like a sheer breath of a scent that is supposed to keep me feeling and smelling fresh all day – yeah right. I am not a gambling man. Therefore, why would I bet on an instant ‘natural’ failure?

Then I found Native deodorant at my local Target. Guys, let me tell you – I would bet the farm on this natural deodorant. From the first swipe under my arm I knew that this was it. I FINALLY found everything that I was looking for in underarm protection. Crisp fresh scents like: Eucalyptus & Mint, Citrus & Herbal Musk, Cucumber & Mint or Charcoal.

Native hits all of my needs and wants in a single stick of deodorant.
Grab it for yourself, gents. You will be more than satisfied!

Cheers, TS

This blog post is sponsored by Native. As always this is a product I love and genuinely recommend.