Sometimes you get a wild hair. In my case, I had a head full of them.

For some strange reason, I thought it would be a positive idea to dye my hair platinum blonde.

Lets just say – I have made better decisions.

But, in life…shit happens. You have to deal with it. For me my Blonde Ambition happened one week before New York Fashion Week.

I was to be seated front row at Hugo Boss. You remember the story. This was the biggest deal for me! I wanted to be the best version of myself I could. Look clean, sharp, precisely ‘Ty Severe.’ I failed.

Kept my chin up and grinned through it all.


Booked my first appointment at Benjamin Salon to become the old (new) me. As I entered Benjamin Salon I am greeted by an a adorable receptionist who knows my name and offers tea. I was instantly relaxed with the feeling of knowing that I would be healed. 😉

Jessica Gonzalez would be carrying out the hair color. She was confident and so cool. As I sat in her chair, she ran her her fingers through my hair and told me it would be simple. Relieved I sat as she applied the color. I am not kidding, 15 minutes later – I was a Jackie. Marilyn had left the building!

Next up I moved to Oliver De Gennero‘s chair for my cut. Oliver is from Italy and ONLY uses scissors. This is THE best cut that I have ever received. Truth is I have naturally curly hair, think Justin Timberlake 2001 (I know!) Needless to say I blow it out everyday to get my Gatsby look. Oliver understands just how to cut my curls to get the perfect shape. He is flawless.


I hope you guys like what you see! If you want to book an appointment with Oliver or Jess, here is the number! And I included their instagrams as well. Just click on each name. Have a great day!