Style. Design. Class.

No, not my suit, sunglasses or shoes.
This time guys, it is all about Audi.
This week I spent some serious Ty time driving the all-new 2018 Audi Q5. The redesign makes this SUV the epitome of luxury. As soon as I place my hand on the door, I unlock what could just as easily have been a cockpit to a private jet as it was the Q5.
I pair my phone via blue tooth to hear the new Goldfrapp album booming out of the Bang & Olufsen® sound system with 3D sound from 19 speakers. 19 speakers! 
As I set the Audi’s navigation, the full instrument panel turned into the map. Making it crystal clear to see where the winding streets of Los Angeles were taking me. Genius. 
I press the gas pedal in with my Brooks Brothers boot clad foot and hit 60 mph in 5.9 seconds! Questioning again, am I in the cabin of a jet’s cockpit or a the sophisticated refinement of my Q5? I smirk as the realization that the later is reality. 
Tap the open command on the incredible panoramic sun roof to catch the rays of California, and I am set to cruise the coast. Get out there and create your adventures! 
Thanks for coming by,