There are many fine things in life. Who knew that fragrant dried leaves and hot water are one of them? The Ritz. That's who. England is notorious for tea time. I am notorious for dressing the part - no matter what situation I find myself in. Throw in some meticulously cut finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and farm fresh jams; you have an afte[...]


Confession: I live for LADURÈE. Forget for a moment that you are in fact biting into flour, sugar and beaten eggs - and remind your senses that you are indeed tasting the perfection of a 153 year old French recipe. Maison Ladurèe is the upmost perfected experience of French patisserie I have found. As you can see from the photos below, Maison Ladurè[...]


Versailles, Versailles, VERSAILLES! Remember the hit movie, Richie Rich? Macaulay Culkin's renowned character was blessed with a McDonalds IN his mansion! When all of Richie's friends came over to tour Rich Mansion, they thought seeing the American staple was beyond amazing, for obvious reasons. Fast forward a few years and find Ty at Versailles. Wandering[...]


Those of you who know me understand that: A) I love fashion. B) I love Paris. C)I have never been to Paris...until NOW. Please hold your gasps until you see the incredible pictures of me living like a Frenchie. You know in life when you buy the perfect jacket, shoes or right pair of Band of Outsiders chinos from Nordstrom? And then yo go into what can o[...]


A zebra can't change its stripes...without the right colorist. My "colorist" happens to be THEROY and the "stripes" are sweat pants. Excuse me, "Joggers." In this day we have found a way to create an up-scale sweatpants that is suitable to pair back to a blazer and wear into the office. I'm not hating, I am embracing. My THEORY joggers are perfectly tailo[...]