Confession: I live for LADURÈE. Forget for a moment that you are in fact biting into flour, sugar and beaten eggs - and remind your senses that you are indeed tasting the perfection of a 153 year old French recipe. Maison Ladurèe is the upmost perfected experience of French patisserie I have found. As you can see from the photos below, Maison Ladurè[...]


Versailles, Versailles, VERSAILLES! Remember the hit movie, Richie Rich? Macaulay Culkin's renowned character was blessed with a McDonalds IN his mansion! When all of Richie's friends came over to tour Rich Mansion, they thought seeing the American staple was beyond amazing, for obvious reasons. Fast forward a few years and find Ty at Versailles. Wandering[...]


Those of you who know me understand that: A) I love fashion. B) I love Paris. C)I have never been to Paris...until NOW. Please hold your gasps until you see the incredible pictures of me living like a Frenchie. You know in life when you buy the perfect jacket, shoes or right pair of Band of Outsiders chinos from Nordstrom? And then yo go into what can o[...]


A zebra can't change its stripes...without the right colorist. My "colorist" happens to be THEROY and the "stripes" are sweat pants. Excuse me, "Joggers." In this day we have found a way to create an up-scale sweatpants that is suitable to pair back to a blazer and wear into the office. I'm not hating, I am embracing. My THEORY joggers are perfectly tailo[...]


You know that feeling when you get up, put on a suit an finish tying your tie - then think to yourself, lets see how many people make the correlation between Ty and tie. Well, that is in fact my life. From the barista at Starbucks, to shopping at the Grove. Any one who encounters me... "Hi can I get your name please...?" Er, yes..."It's Ty..." "O[...]