When you are asked by the earliest mens clothier of our time, Brooks Brothers – to wear the first and most iconic original polo button down collar oxford, you say…


WHERE. WHEN. And, can I please always??

Brooks Brothers have an extensive history of dressing the who’s who of any whoville ever. Even if you added all the names up of US Weekly for the past decade – Brooks Brothers have done more and always will.

I am wearing their iconic oxford in a light stripe under an Italian summer jacket. Grounding this look is a pair of navy (go figure) loafers and a slim fit pair of chinos. I couldn’t resist adding this collegiate stripe tie on this look to create that very question: Is he the student, or is he the professor?

D) None of the above.

“He” is the cool guy, in a world of boys wearing asymmetrical tunic tops and skinny jeans.

He is a gentleman. A man’s man. A Brooks Brother.