This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite new resorts!

Promptly called The Scott, in Scottsdale, Arizona. I mean, where else would you put a resort with that name..? No where.

After landing in the desert of Phoenix, I took a car to the impressive gates of The Scott. Each side of the 13ft tall towers had massive cauldrons lit with flames. Gasp. The wrap around driveway brought me to the concierge with brass trollys just craving to tote my bags to the room. It was then that I caught a glimpse of a fleet of bicycles. “Just you wait…” I said in my head as I walked through the double doors and headed to the front desk.

I didn’t make it more than three feet before I had my iPhone out to document all that my eyes were soaking in. There are lush palms, wicker textures, brass details and cabinets of curiosities around the lobby. The captivating environment of a Havana hotel was thick in the air. Also, my personal favorite – the bar. Handsome cocktails being poured all around. I knew I was in the right spot!

I checked in and was handed my passport to the property. As I was guided past the fire pits, beyond the two impressive pools – including one with a sandy beach. Yes, I am from LA and we have sand everywhere, but I do appreciate the novelty of a controlled worry free clean sand. And into my room. My bags were unloaded and I did what I always do first – open the doors to the balcony and soak in the view. My room was over looking one of the pools and on my balcony were two adirondack chairs and a table. Perfect for my morning coffee…and night cap.

Over the next few days I spent my time in Old Town Scottsdale. Remember that gang of bicycles I told you about earlier? One of them definitely fell victim to my yearning to explore. The great thing about Scottsdale is it is so pedestrian friendly. I was on the streets with at times more people than cars. The energy was alive!

On Saturday night I attended the Gatsby Under The Stars Gala. A charity fundraiser held before the Scottsdale Grand Prix. The race is held in the heart of Scottsdale and winds through the city. It is a relay race that goes on for five hours! Giving everyone a taste of the action. And giving me a taste of the cocktails at Olive and Ivy.

One of the high lights of my trip was the incredible cuisine here at The Scott. Inspired by the Cuban life + brought to you table side by the incredible chef. J’Adore.

All in all, I’d say this is resort, isn’t half bad…(al la Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion) aka. The Scott is the!