If I had a dollar for every time some one told me I look like a Kennedy, I would have .50 cents.

Which is the amount that I will allocate myself for generating the thought that I may look like a Kennedy.

When I find old pictures of the great JFK (online that is, I mean, it’s not like I have this large cedar chest with intricate carvings that I riffle through from time to time and uncover America’s lost treasure of memorabilia.) unlocks inspiration for me and my style.

From casual picnics, sailing, or riding a bike – no one did it better than the East coast family.

I was recently in the WEST HOLLYWOOD magazine for street style inspiration. I was asked to describe my style in a sentence,  “a West-coast Kennedy” was my answer.

Living in Los Angeles, life is a bit more relaxed and while others narrate their fashion with torn denim shorts, oversized tee-shirts and fedoras – I appreciate the casual choice of a cricket sweater, flannel pants, braided belt, and finishing it off with a suede loafer. Keeping the California sun at bay are my coveted Persol shades. All combined generates my “West coast Kennedy” style.