Putting the FUN in Hedge fund! When I think of hedges - I think of privacy. When I think of privacy - I think of my distant uncle Jay Gatsby. Wearing a slim navy blazer, bold stripe oxford, vest from my three-piece suit and Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades, I admire all the "Gatsbyesque" gatherings near me. In Los Angeles when there is a private event, it is usu[...]


If I had a dollar for every time some one told me I look like a Kennedy, I would have .50 cents. Which is the amount that I will allocate myself for generating the thought that I may look like a Kennedy. When I find old pictures of the great JFK (online that is, I mean, it's not like I have this large cedar chest with intricate carvings that I riffle throu[...]


This is one of my favorite sweaters. Clearly - I wore it in the hit post, INTO THE BLUE featured on tySEVERE.com. The gradient shades of navy dripping down to meet my well broken in raw denim brings me a certain kind of joy. This look and scene has me getting excited for my upcoming trip to London! This toggle coat by Tommy Hilfiger works perfectly over m[...]

The Getaway

You know when it is 18 degrees outside? Snow everywhere? No matter how long the heater is on, your knee high Uggs are pulled on tight, a snuggie wrapped tightly around you and yet you still never warm up?! That is the great thing about Malibu. You will NEVER know what feels like. I hate to showcase how my February is going, but at the same time - I love sho[...]


I quite enjoy wandering around the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills. Finding myself smack dab in the middle of a quaint European street. Two Rodeo is a small side street that branches off the world renowned, Rodeo Drive. The winding ally comprised of shoes, gelato, and cafes make you feel as if you had taken an 8hr flight to Paris. Literally. I think I was [...]